Uranus Is Moving Into Taurus — & That’s Actually Kind Of A Big Deal

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Taurus season ends in a week, but it's about to have one heck of a last hurrah. Today, 15th May, Uranus will move into Taurus for a nice, long, script-flipping stay. While you might not think of Uranus that much (unless you're making a dirty, astrological joke), this is actually the start of momentous shifts to come. To get a better idea of how Uranus in Taurus will affect us, we spoke with astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst.
Of all the planets, Dewhirst explains, Uranus is the maverick, the planet of revolution, sudden change, and innovation. And, as one of the outer planets in our solar system, Uranus moves pretty slowly, completing one orbit of the sun every 84 years and moving into a new Zodiac sign about every seven. So, Uranus has been hanging out in Aries since 2011. We don't know about you, but our lives are pretty darn different now from how they were back when LMFAO was a contender for song of the summer.
That said, Uranus is so distant and exerts such a subtle influence over our everyday lives that you might not have noticed any major shifts at the time. It's only in retrospect, Dewhirst says, that these Uranus-inspired changes may become apparent. Considering Aries rules the self and how we wish to be seen, and Uranus is associated with the future and technological advances, Dewhirst says these changes were likely connected to social media (her personal a-ha moment was when she realised that her mother started using Facebook during this period).
With Uranus in Taurus, we'll continue to see changes in how we relate to and use technology, but in a very different part of our lives. Dewhirst explains that, where Aries compels us to define who we are, Taurus nudges us to consider what we're worth. "We'll be moving from a me-first perspective of selfies, social media profiles, and individualisation online to what value the individual has," she explains, citing changes that are already underway in how we use money, like online banking, Bitcoin, and money transfer services like PayPal.
Under this new Uranian influence, we may see a gradual increase in e-commerce and cryptocurrency to the point that they're both unremarkable fixtures of everyday life by 2025 — just like seeing your mom on Facebook in 2018. Dewhirst adds that Uranus in Taurus may prompt changes in how we cultivate and consume food as well, thanks to Taurus' connections to the element of earth. We could even see major advances in how the world deals with climate change and natural resources. It's in these highly Taurean areas of life, matters of material value and the natural world, that Uranus will work its magic.
However Uranus comes to affect your life in the next seven years, Dewhirst says some of its more remarkable developments could very well take place in the next year or two. But, again, you probably won't realise the gravity of its influence until many years have passed. And by then, Uranus will be in Gemini, shaking up how we learn and communicate, Dewhirst says.
It may be tempting to stay on high alert for any and all shifts in how we farm or spend money, but this is one of those rare astrological events that simply ask you to sit back, enjoy the ride, and, if anything, keep a detailed journal of how your Bitcoin performs.

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