All Signs Point To Alex & Jo’s Wedding On Grey’s Anatomy Being A Disaster

Ever since Jo (Camilla Luddington) first appeared on Grey's Anatomy back in season 9, there was a clear spark between her and Alex (Justin Chambers). And though an almost jail sentence and an abusive estranged husband kept them from reaching marital bliss sooner, Alex and Jo are finally tying the knot in the season 14 finale. But in true Shondaland fashion, their big day definitely won’t be going off without a hitch.
Personally, I don’t know why the doctors on this show keep planning weddings. Because if you’ve ever watched any Grey’s Anatomy episode, then you know no big event ever comes out unscathed.
For starters, Alex and Jo’s wedding bells are ringing on the heels of their friend/colleague/wedding planner April (Sarah Drew) almost dying from hypothermia. So already there’s a dark cloud looming over the ceremony, because let’s be honest, she recovered way too quickly. There has to be some sort of catch to April’s sudden reawakening, and given the fact that the finale will serve as an emotional farewell to series regulars Jessica Capshaw and Drew, the latter’s character more than likely won’t make it past “I do.”
Any spoilers about the episode titled “All of Me” are of course nonexistent, but according to EW, the logline teases that one of Grey Sloan Memorial’s own will be seriously injured. I mean, I’m not 100% sure that means April, but even a first look photo on EW’s site, confirms that someone’s lying on the ground in angst, and better it be her than someone completely unexpected, right?
But beyond the mysterious injured guest, the episode’s promo also shows Alex and Jo being locked in a shed-like building after sneaking away for some pre-ceremony alone time. Ironically, this happens after Jo claims to not be superstitious about seeing her groom before walking down the aisle and therefore summoning bad luck.
Luddington herself acknowledged the soon-to-be “shitshow” of a wedding on her Instagram in a post showing off her picture-perfect bridal look. It’s simple and the kind of thing you’d expect to see on low-maintenance Jo. Plenty of beachy waves and natural makeup. Although it might’ve been nice to see her go bold for her big day with a bright lip or more elaborate hairdo, but I guess after wearing her hair in a ponytail every day the last thing Jo wants is a stiff updo and a head full of painful bobby pins.
Unfortunately, Luddington’s post doesn’t give any spoilers for the finale, she just makes note that the day’s events will give Alex and Jo a “turn to scream,” i.e. this wedding will be one to remember, and not in a good way.
All I’m saying is, after all this drama Alex and Jo either better still be getting married or have an unexpected wedding crasher by the name of Izzie Stevens. Because that would most certainly kick the disaster-party antics up a notch for the better.

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