Meghan Markle's Wax Figure Has A Perfect Resting Bitch Face

Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock.
Meghan Markle is extremely close to finally becoming our American Princess when she weds Prince Harry on 19th May at Windsor Castle.
But, in her home country, Markle has already achieved the absolute highest honour — more important than a place in the royal family, more envied than a tiara full of diamonds, more priceless than a lock of Harry's auburn hair — she has been Madame Tussauds-ed. The wax museum has become infamous for its ability to transform a blob of wax into something that only very, very slightly resembles a famous person. They have had a number of fails, including but not limited to the time they white-washed Beyoncé. Or the time they put Nicki Minaj in an overly sexualised pose. They also made Prince William and Kate Middleton look like extras from Stepford Wives.
But for Markle, they managed to do something extraordinary: they gave her the perfect smize.
Or rather, they gave her the perfect resting bitch face. As a proud owner of a resting bitch face, it can be misinterpreted daily. When I try to smize, I have dead eyes. When I try to relax my face, I look like a bitch. But wax-y Markle, she looks perfect! She's maintaining eye contact, while flashing the faintest sign of a smile. She's a future royal and she knows it!
But even better than her perfectly sculpted RBF is news that the Wax Prince Harry finally found his Wax American Princess after four lonely years of sitting in the museum all by his lonesome.
Who said there's no such thing as a happy ending?
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