People Think Tom Hardy Is Hot, Even When He's Playing A Monster

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Anytime a new trailer for a superhero movie hits the internet, Twitter has a field day. (I think fans' minds literally melted when the first trailer for Marvel crossover spectacular Avengers: Infinity War dropped.) So it's no surprise that people have feelings about Venom, the new movie starring Tom Hardy as the titular anti-hero from the Spider-Man universe. (Just don't get it wrong; Spider-Man is not in this movie.) Some people thought that Venom's CGI-created face was ridiculously cheesy. Others found it frightening. And some — oh, lord — some people thought it was... sexy.
Yes. You read that right. Per Buzzfeed, some people think that Tom Hardy's Venom is hot. Not that Tom Hardy's character, before he turns into Venom, is hot, but that the tongue wagging, giant teeth having, monstrous-looking Venom is fine as hell.
For the record, this is Venom.
I hate that people are thirsty for Venom... but people are thirsty for Venom.
"I love that my timeline is equal parts super horny for Venom and super put off by Venom... but listen, there is only one right answer here and that is that Venom is hot and has always been hot," wrote one very wrong fan.
"Venom is hot but like, he's a bad boy type, he's the type you don't bring home to your parents. thats when you're purely monsterfucking and thats it. you don't settle down with venom," added another.
At least one person had the know-all to question whether their taste was valid.
"ok very weird to say this but does is anyone else finding #Venom rather hot?"
Then there were tweets like this, which may just exist to upset me:

"Anyone else got a boner warning when they saw the #Venom trailer? I know I'm fucking weird but... yeah, Venom is super hot. <3"

"Why is venom so hot?????"
"how did it take me until now to realize that venom is hot. i just hadn't considered it before."
Can we just all agree that, if Venom is sexy (he will kill us all with his razor-sharp teeth I am just saying), that at least Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the previous monster everyone thirsted for, can be straight-up scary? You guys can all have the fish man from The Shape of Water as your second hot monster if you need. But, like, just a reminder: human being Tom Hardy exist IRL.
The Venom UK release date is 5 October 2018.
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