Excuse Me But Why Is Tom Hardy Always Cast As The Ugliest Comic Book Characters

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Do comic books have something against Tom Hardy? Because I'm starting to see a pattern. After appearing in The Dark Knight Rises as Bane (left), it was announced a few months ago that the 40-year-old will star in Venom as the titular character which, if you remember any of the various Spider-Man movies, is a terrifying snake-creature with a huge mouth, menacing fangs, and a long, sinister tongue. What are these comic books hiding? Why won't they let Tom Hardy show his face?
As Bane, Hardy's mouth and face are mostly obscured by a mouthpiece that provides an antidote so the character doesn't suffer any pain due to the trauma he experienced as a child. It looks absolutely menacing, and you wouldn't know that there was someone who looked like this underneath:
Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage.
There are no pictures of Hardy as Venom out yet, but our past experience with the character suggests that history is about to repeat itself. Not only will his face be covered, it will look like a snake. However, there is good news. Technically, Venom is a Symbiote, meaning Hardy's human character, Eddie Brock, will be the host. The two aren't one in the same, which means we'll probably still get to see a decent amount of Hardy sans any kind of special effect makeup.
Then again, all bets are off. Venom first made an appearance in the Sam Raimi directed Spiderman 3, played by Topher Grace, but this series will likely take the character in a different direction. Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams also reportedly joining the cast and plot is currently unknown, but Variety reports that Williams will be playing a district attorney who is possibly the love interest of Eddie Brock.
Until the movie hits theaters a year from now on October 5, we can catch Tom Hardy in some more forgiving roles, like this summer's Dunkirk and various seasons of Peaky Blinders.

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