Someone Just Spilled Tea On What Kanye West Thinks Of Donald Trump

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In "news that will not please everybody", Kanye West, apparently, really loves Donald Trump. The "Black Skinhead" rapper, who recently announced he would release a new album on 1st June as well as produce albums for Nas and Pusha T, is seemingly a fan of the President, and much of the internet is... well, not thrilled.
Fans will remember that West had a controversial meeting with at Trump Tower in December of 2016. At the time, West stated that it was to discuss "multicultural issues." This was just one month after he proclaimed publicly that he would have voted for the former Celebrity Apprentice host... if he had bothered to vote at all.
West, however, is not the person talking about his relationship with the current POTUS. It's Hot 97's Ebro Darden who is spilling the tea.
"[West] said, 'I do love Donald Trump,'" Darden revealed during his conversation on Ebro in the Morning.
Of course, we don't know if that is exactly what the musician said, nor if he really does "love" the President. He does, apparently, really love himself:
"everyone should be their own biggest fan," West tweeted on Monday.
Oh, and his Tesla. He loves his Tesla.
"I really love my Tesla. I'm in the future. Thank you Elon."
Is everyone else quite as pleased with Yeezy? Nope. Not so much. Here's what Twitter had to say...
West may support Trump, but his wife, Kim Kardashian West, takes issue with the President. In addition to being a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter during the 2016 election, the media mogul criticised Trump via Twitter for "playing golf" while Puerto Rico was dealing with the immediate effects of Hurricane Maria.
While KKW did get political on Twitter Monday, it was not in response to West's alleged proclamation. Instead, Kardashian West tweeted about the Armenian prime minister resigning.
"It’s so inspiring to see all Armenians united in peaceful protests making a difference. It’s a historic day for Armenia. I used this image of me in Armenia because this woman touched my heart and to me she represents the heart of so many strong Armenians!"
We'll have to wait until West tweets to find out what's really in his heart — but hey, at least he has self-confidence and a Tesla.

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