Sophie Turner Has A Second Instagram Account Devoted To Reviewing Sausage

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.
For a short period last year, we became completely obsessed with the conspiracy theory that the musical artist Lorde was managing a secret Instagram account called @onionringsworldwide where she reviewed, well, onion rings. In the end, it was in fact Lorde writing these onion ring reviews, but sadly, she took the account down after it got too much media attention. Since then, we've often wondered if we would ever again be treated to food reviews from another pop culture icon. (Kendall Jenner does not count because we still have no idea what exactly this @pizzaboys project even is.) Well, this week, one Sophie Turner, of Game Of Thrones fame, gave us that gift.
This morning, alerted us to the fact that Turner had posted a screenshot on her personal Instagram story of another Instagram account she had recently created. It's called — drumroll, please@sophiessausagereviews. The description of the account simply reads, "Passionate Bout The Saus," and so far, she has posted three reviews of, you guess it, sausage.
As food and TV are high on the list of things we care about most, we were very excited to find out about Turner's sausage-centric account, and we're not the only ones. After just one day, @sophiessausagereviews already has 19,600 followers. However, we have to say, so far, her reviews aren't quite as informative as Lorde's.
In the caption of each photo, Turner describes the things she likes and dislikes about each sausage dish and even gives them a rating out of ten. However, for two of the three reviews she has posted so far, the GOT actress leaves out what is arguably the most important detail, where she got the sausage. However, we are encouraged by the fact that she did tag the location of the restaurant where she reviewed her most recent sausage dish.
Ahead, you can see the sausage reviews that Sophie Turner has published so far, as well as our reviews of her reviews. As they say, everyone's a critic.

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