These Interior Design Disasters Are So Bad They're (Almost) Good

Interior design is tricky to get right. For many of us, living in rented accommodation means having to decorate around what's already in the room. This means that if some genius from yesteryear decided to put a sink in your living room then my goodness, you're just going to have to incorporate it as a coffee table or something.
If you own your own home and have free rein on how the decorating process unfolds, you'd better make sure your aesthetics are up to scratch. Because there's a new Instagram account out there and its mission is to showcase the biggest design disasters around.
In all honesty, you would have to go really left-field in order to end up on @pleasehatethesethings – the featured rooms have to be seen to be believed (toilet throne, anyone?). In fact, some of the rooms are so wild that there's a slim chance they might actually be fabulous.
Click through to pass your verdict.

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