Our Favourite Leading Ladies Of Prime Video

Whoever said patience is a virtue clearly wasn't thinking about the agony of waiting a full week in between episodes of your favourite TV show. Call us greedy, but there's no greater creature comfort — especially when it's freezing outside and the sun's set before you've even left the office — than diving deep into a new series and indulging that impulse to say, "Just one more episode before bed".
Binge-watching makes it easy to breeze through a series, so we're always on the lookout for fresh content — whether it's a critically acclaimed new release that's backed by major buzz, or that underrated gem our friends have been raving about for years. If you've got a Prime Video account through Amazon, you're in luck: There's plenty of both ready to stream right now.
Below, we've rounded up the shows — some new, some less so — that deserve to be on your pop culture playlist, and not simply because each and every one is dominated by female leads. And if you decide to sacrifice sleep and social commitments in favour of gulping down a full 10-episode series in one go, you'll get no judgement from us. Some shows are just too good to sit on.
All shows featured are available to watch on Prime Video.

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