What The March Blue Moon Means For Your Sign

Photographed by Megan Madden.
If you pay attention to the lunar cycle, you may start to notice that the full moon, in particular, has an effect on us. No, it doesn't make pregnant people go into labor and it doesn't cause a spike in crime. But if you believe that the moon has astrological power, then it can have an effect on our moods, our mindsets, and the types of activities we're drawn to.
The nature of those effects depend on what sign the moon is moving through when it reaches fullness and what your own sign is, too. The Zodiac sign that hosts the full moon acts like a filter for that bright, expansive, look-at-me type of lunar energy and imbues all of us with a hint of its personality.
This March, we'll face two full moons, the second of which is sometimes known as a monthly blue moon. Where the first full moon (which will crest on the 1st) will be in Virgo, the second (coming at us on the 31st) will appear in Libra. Although these signs are next-door neighbours on the Wheel of the Zodiac, they channel the full moon's energy very differently.
During the first, you can expect a return to order and a greater desire to focus on the details, while the second full moon will encourage us to cooperate with others and consider how we present ourselves to the world. Of course, these are merely general predictions. The March full moons will treat each Zodiac sign a little differently. Read on to discover what these lunar phases will illuminate for your sign this month.

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