4 Ways To Celebrate This Week's Moon

Photographed by Megan Madden.
January's second full moon is nearly upon us, and it isn't just a full moon by any stretch. It's also a supermoon. And there's going to be a lunar eclipse the same night, which makes it a blood moon. And, since it's the second full moon of the month, some consider this Wednesday's full moon to be a blue moon to boot.
For the record, not everyone recognizes this week's full moon as a blue moon. As Dorothy Morrison notes in Everyday Moon Magic, calling the second full moon in a calendar month a "blue moon" is a relatively new development. If you asked anyone in the 19th century, a blue moon was the third full moon in a season in which there were four full moons in total (normally, there are only three full moons in a season).
Whether you've accepted the updated definition or you're a blue moon purist, you could stand to benefit from celebrating Wednesday night's moon anyway. It is, after all, still an additional full moon — to borrow Pagan writer Patti Wigington's term, this is basically a "lunar bonus round." If you missed the full moon at the start of the month, now's your chance to observe a January full moon and set any intentions you had when the month kicked off.
Plus, the fact that it falls on the last day of the month shouldn't be overlooked. The full moon is like a spiritual microphone — it'll amplify any efforts you're already making. If you take advantage of the full moon's energy this week, there's a chance you'll still be seeing its effects well into February and beyond.
Read on for four tips on how to make this moon truly memorable.