Lorde Can't Hang Out With Jack Antonoff Without Dating Rumours Swirling

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Another day, another round of heteronormative gossip surrounding Lorde and her friend Jack Antonoff. Can't two people make a bomb album without the world assuming they're ready to adopt a dog together?
Photos from The Daily Mail show Lorde and Antonoff hanging out in New Zealand, prompting some to suggest that the two were romantically involved. Antonoff and his longtime girlfriend, Girls star Lena Dunham, broke up just over a month ago. Given that Lorde and Dunham share a close mutual friend in pop star Taylor Swift, this is a juicy piece of hot goss that tabloids simply cannot resist.
But resist, I say! Because in the words of Ms. Swift herself, "this is exhausting."
Anyone assuming that Lorde and Antonoff must be dating probably has never made a friend through work. Antonoff, a musician in the bands Bleachers and Fun, is also the Grammy-winning music producer famously behind Swift's 1989 and Reputation albums. He also produced Lorde's 2017 album Melodrama — which, umm, is the major reason that these two are tight. Producing an album as fire as Melodrama, which was nominated for Album of the Year, means plenty of time in the studio — working.
Lorde said as much during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers while noting that she spent a lot of time with Dunham as well.
"I met Lena before I met him, and I walked into the studio with him and we both knew we weren't going to leave that studio for two years," Lorde told the talk show host. "He's an amazing person, and so truly strange. He's like my sibling now... He's like my work husband. Lena will like pop down the hall and be like, 'How are you guys doing?' and we'll be like 'Good!'"
Back in January, the producer addressed the Lorde dating rumours on Twitter, effectively shutting them down:
"normally i would never address rumors but i resent having the most important friendships and working relationships in my life reduced to dumb heteronormative gossip. those relationships are deeply important and sacred. with that said, im not seeing anyone. lol."
If Lorde saw any of the Antonoff rumours, she's too busy winning Brit Awards to care. (...So there.)
As for where Antonoff's ex Dunham is right now? She's chilling — and spending more time focusing on her friends and family.
"I have learned this past week that if you think you're properly appreciating your friends you can always take it a step further. My friends are my family, my family are my friends, people surprise you. Pain is a lesson, life is magic," tweeted the actress.
Now, let's move on to more important things — like, when can we expect Lorde and Antonoff to get to work producing her next album?

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