The Most Hilarious Savage Tweets About Fifty Shades Freed

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The third and final Fifty Shades film opened in cinemas yesterday, and the critics' reviews are about as kind as you'd expect. Fifty Shades Freed currently holds a dismal 11% fresh rating on review aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes. "Did someone say "freed" already? Yes, please. Red. Red. Red!" one witty reviewer wrote.
Still, plenty of people have enjoyed the two previous movies, and many others will go and see Fifty Shades Freed this weekend with absolutely no misapprehension that they're about to watch a top-quality Oscar contender. Let's remember, too, that today's turkey can become tomorrow's cult classic. Showgirls was ripped to shreds when it opened in 1995, but more than two decades later, people are still quoting iconic lines like, "Thanks, I bought it at Versayce."
Whatever your views on the Fifty Shades movies, it's pretty fun to see what people are saying about Freed on Twitter, especially because some of their verdicts are so savage. One film fan said the threequel starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan has "more cheese than a Domino's pizza," while another joked: "Boobs everywhere but not a penis in sight. Unless you count Christian." Ouch.
Check out a selection of tweets about the film below.
In the interests of fairness, I should point out that Fifty Shades Freed is also getting other, more positive reviews on Twitter. Some people are singling out Dakota Johnson's performance - for me, always the best part of this franchise - for particular praise.
Still, after reading the negative reviews, does anyone else kind of want to see this movie more?
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