The Real Winners Of The Super Bowl, Ranked

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images.
Is there really one winner of the Super Bowl? In essence, the Eagles won the game, but they only won in one (admittedly impressive) aspect of last night's telecast. They won an American football game.
Pop culture, though. That's a different ball game! Literally! There is no ball! There are commercials, and sharks, and bandannas, and lots and lots of famous people. (Beyond, of course, the footballs players, who are also famous.)
The Super Bowl this year felt particularly heavy with pop culture iconography. This may have been the most meme-able game yet — from the selfie kid who went on The Today Show this morning to David Harbour's burly presence in at least a million and a half ads, every five minutes of the Super Bowl gifted us with yet another tableau to talk about at work the next day. (Here, the conversation has been David Harbour, selfie kid, and David Harbour. With some Westworld thrown in on the side.)
These moments also won the Super Bowl, they just didn't get trophies. So, here, we celebrate them, sans trophy, which is all that we can do. Ahead, the definitive ranking of the non-athletic Super Bowl winners.
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