Saoirse Ronan Is Really, Really Bad At Dating

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In Lady Bird, Saoirse Ronan's titular character stumbles her way through not one, but two romances. While both relationships were ill-fated (to say the least), Lady Bird could at least note a cute date or two in her diary. As for Ronan, she simply can't do the dating thing — because she never quite figured out how.
Ronan admitted her struggle on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it's relatable as hell. After all, it's hard to weed through the boring and/or creepy on apps like Tinder, and having dinner with a near-stranger can be less fun than it is awkward.
"You're not dating anyone right now?," asked DeGeneres of the Golden Globe winner.
"I don't know how to date," Ronan responded, to a completely baffled DeGeneres.
"I don't date. I'm not into the whole 'Let's go out for dinner' [thing.] See, I don't even know how to talk about it!"
Naturally, the talk show host insisted on theoretically coupling up Ronan with some eligible (and also, not-so-eligible) celebrity bachelors. While she picked her Lady Bird co-star Timothée Chalamet over Harry Styles ("I don’t know Harry Styles, I don’t know what he’s like"), she did choose Chris Martin over Jake Gyllenhaal, stating: "He could write a song about me, if things went well."
Of course, it's likely that Ronan won't have much time to date, considering Lady Bird's success is all but guaranteed to bring more amazing projects to the table. However, don't expect Ronan to stay in front of the camera: The actress revealed that she's eager to try her hand at directing, after being inspired by Lady Bird writer-director, Greta Gerwig.
Hmm, perhaps she can direct a film about a woman who feels incapable of dating, until an English musician sweeps her off of her feet? We already know that Chris Martin is open to acting opportunities.

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