Darren Aronofsky Thinks You'll Get High & Watch His New TV Show

Photographed by Rachel Calbitt.
The National Geographic Channel will be premiering a new ten-part documentary series with some serious star power behind it. One Strange Rock, narrated by Will Smith, explores Planet Earth and will bring viewers into outer space from the perspective of Earth-bound viewpoints and astronauts in space, as Deadline reports. While the subject matter is something that you would expect from NatGeo programming, Aronofsky’s suggestion on how viewers can heighten their enjoyment of the show may be a little more controversial than expected.
The mother! director is known for his work exploring often controversial and disturbing content that pushes the boundaries of his audience’s comfort. But his suggestion for viewers to heighten the viewing experience of watching One Strange Rock by smoking marijuana.
“It is a very different show than you’ve seen before. What was exciting about this was taking astronomy, anthropology, biology, chemistry, physics, and trying to sort of blend them together to talk about this home that we’re all living on,” he said. On the suggestion to smoke marijuana while watching the show, Aronofsky says that he’s been to millennial parties where Planet Earth was playing in the background, and that well, “it’s legal in California.” And Colorado, Darren (#neverforget).
Arif Nurmohamed from Nutopia serves as the series showrunner and founder and CEO of Nutopia, Jane Root, serves as an executive producer. As Nurmohamed mentions, the show is looking to strengthen the connection with the planet with the planet in a way that the audience can connect to.
The viewpoints of the astronauts and seeing Earth from a new perspective is enough to make this docuseries stand out from the rest. And no matter how you enjoy it, One Strange Rock looks like it will be an interesting show regardless.
Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage is illegal in the UK.
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