Thoughts I Had Watching Meghan Markle's 2014 Hallmark Movie

Photo: Courtesy of Hallmark Channel.
Here are some things Meghan Markle says in the 2014 Lifetime movie, When Sparks Fly: "Launching a firework is like launching a cannonball out of a cannon," "I love Jack Johnson!," and "Wow! What’s this?" while pointing to a chair. The soon-to-be-royal is often only credited for her role in Suits, but she actually has a whole body of work that goes all the way back to 2002. This includes the role of "Hot Girl" in A Lot Like Love, the uncredited role of Tatiana in Get Him To The Greek, and now, my new favourite, Amy Peterson in When Sparks Fly.
This was my first time watching a Hallmark movie, which probably deserves a whole other post, but for now we'll stick to this one. A lot of the thoughts I had about this movie are probably applicable to the network's ouvre in general, but here are just a few that I'd like to bring to your attention.
1. Is this what Meghan Markle's wedding dress will look like?
Sure, she'll have basically all of Britain at her disposal, but for old time's sake, I'm hoping she draws inspiration from Amy's toilet paper dress, crafted at the bridal shower of her best friend (who is marrying Amy's ex) (who eventually leaves Amy's ex) (to get with Amy's other ex!!!!).
2. As a feminist, does Markle agree with her character's statement that she "went after the wrong dream [she] just didn't realise it" in reference to moving to Chicago and building a seven-year career in journalism instead of staying home and marrying a man named Hank?
3. Was this movie sponsored by Kickstarter?
Here is a real exchange:
"Maybe one of those Kickstarter campaigns?"
"Yes, I see those on Facebook all the time."
"They really do help you just reach a lot of people fast."
4. Will her wedding be to Guy Fawkes Day what her Amy's friend Sammy's was to 4th of July?
As in, no decorations, chairs, or china will exist unless they are glaringly on theme?
5. And, finally, will they have a screening of this movie, and all of her other ones, on loop in Buckingham Palace?
As a newly-minted royal, that should be her first order of business.
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