Kylie Jenner's Ugly Sweater Party Involved Spilling All The Tea

Forget hot cocoa: Kylie Jenner is getting in the holiday spirit by spilling all the tea. Or rather, by drinking it.
On Wednesday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to her Kylie Cosmetics' YouTube channel to play a very revealing game of "Never Have I Ever" while dressed in an ugly Christmas sweater, because, come on — the Kardashian-Jenners are all about spreading holiday cheer. (Just watch their Christmas special.)
Party game "Never Have I Ever" can be played many ways. Some people decide to take a shot if they "did" whatever specific action is brought up in the game. Others simply put a finger down. Here, Jenner teamed up with her best friend Jordyn Woods and her personal assistant and pal Victoria Villarroel and got candid over cups of tea, taking a sip with every truth.
When the topic of "walk of shames" came up, both Villarroel and Woods drank some tea — but Jenner skipped the sip, prompting both of her friends to call her out.
"You have," Woods exclaimed.
"You haven't done the walk of shame, but you've done the 'get in the car, drive of shame,'" added Villarroel, before adding that it really should be called "the walk of pride."
The things that everyone was guilty of? That included re-gifting (who hasn't been there?), lying to their partner ("I have like, for a surprise," Woods confessed), and fooled around in a bathroom.
Only one person professed to eating a bug, and it was Jenner — by accident, anyway.
"Not purposefully, but I was riding a horse one time, and flew in my throat."
If you were waiting for Jenner to use this opportunity to confirm any rumours that she was currently pregnant with her first child, well, a baby question just never came up. Guess we'll just have to wait for a very special KUWTK episode for Jenner to spill that tea.
Check out the video below.

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