Chrissy Teigen Did Not Take Twitter's Advice About Getting A Fringe

Update: Chrissy Teigen is never one to listen to the haters — which is exactly why she didn't take the internet's advice yesterday on whether she should get a fringe. She ended up getting 'em anyway.

Congrats to @johnlegend and @chrissyteigen on the addition to their family...Chrissy’s new bangs (oh and another baby) ?✂️

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Last night, Teigen went live on Instagram with the new cut — and it's 100% real. We even got a glimpse of her and celebrity hairstylist/BFF Jen Atkin going through inspiration photos for the fringe. The new hairstyle comes on the tails of the announcement that Teigen and husband John Legend are having a second child. But "What's more exciting?" Atkin asked Teigen, in reference to her pregnancy. Teigen jokingly replied, "The bangs."
This post was originally posted on 21st November 2017.
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Having the ability to ask questions (and receive answers, when appropriate) is an essential piece of being a sentient human being — it's how we learn. Why is the sky blue? we ask as children. What is the meaning of life? we ask during our first existential crisis, and every one after that. But there is one universal inquiry that is perhaps the most imperative of them all: Should I get a fringe?
This is a question so singularly unanswerable that a flowchart ought to exist that directs you to the right conclusion. Have you ever had bangs before? Are you aware that you'll have to style them every day? Do you mind having hair in your eyes at all times? Are you prone to breakouts on your forehead? Does your hairline tend to get sweaty? Are you currently going through a breakup?
But if you're not willing to engage in a bit of soul-searching, and you also happen to have over eight million Twitter followers, you have another, much more straightforward option: Make like Chrissy Teigen and crowdsource that shit.
The eternally relatable star took to Twitter yesterday to request her fans' assistance in making the big decision. Her informal poll has since received 157,557 votes — and there's still an hour left to go before the final verdict comes in. If the hundreds of comments are any indication, the peanut gallery is torn, with reactions ranging from "go for it, they'll grow out eventually" to "bangs ruin lives." (One particularly astute follower even reminded Teigen that she once described a set of fake bangs as her "worst fashion misstep" in an interview with Vogue.)
We'll have to wait until after the results are tallied to see if the supermodel actually lets the popular vote determine what she does with her look, but we do know that Teigen is one to give the people what they want. Giving them the power to choose whether or not she makes a major hair change, however, is on another level entirely.
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