Even Ben Affleck's Kids Think Wonder Woman Is Cooler Than Batman

Photo: Barry King/Getty Images
Ben Affleck may be the latest Batman of the big screen, but his own children aren't impressed by Bruce Wayne's car, costume, or even cave. What is earning the Justice League star cool points with his kids? His proximity to Gal Gadot, who portrays DC's feminist icon Wonder Woman.
In an interview with E! News at the premiere of Justice League on Monday night, Affleck admitted that while his son Samuel is all about The Flash (portrayed by the ever-hilarious Ezra Miller in the superhero squad flick), his daughters Seraphina and Violet can't get enough of Diana Prince.
Speaking to E! News, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor said:
"They look up to [Gal Gadot] and think she’s so cool and awesome, like we all do...So I guess some of her cool must be rubbing off on me a little bit as a dad — at least I know someone cool!"
Though the real-life Batman can't get his kids to think he's the coolest superhero in the newly formed Justice League, the entire family was along for the ride when he was filming the action flick. The actor's ex-wife Jennifer Garner told The Today Show back in August of 2016 that the entire family went to London to be with Affleck while filming the DC movie.
"[We thought that] the kids should have that experience," she explained on The Today Show. "We just all went [to London] en masse."
Gadot's own daughter is particularly proud of her superhero role. Last year, the actress told Jimmy Kimmel Live! that her then 5-year-old daughter loved to brag about her mum's job:
"Alma, my daughter, is very proud. We go to the park...and she goes 'My mom is Wonder Woman.' And then the parents would look at me, strangely, not recognizing me, and I would go, 'Well, every mother is a wonder woman.'"

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