Ryan Reynolds Schooled A Mum On The Proper Deadpool Halloween Costume

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage.
Ryan Reynolds has a pretty strong social media presence — he's known for tweets and Instagram captions that are as witty and sarcastic as Deadpool's own lines. This time, Reynolds is getting in the Halloween spirit with a hilarious response to a poor mum who sent him a photo of her son's Deadpool Halloween costume.
When Monique Tamminga, a crime reporter in Canada, tweeted at Reynolds on Monday, she probably didn't expect a response, let alone the one that the actor gave. But as we've learned from the past, you never know — a celebrity might just read your comments about them.
"My son is ready for Halloween @VancityReynolds. No idea how he is supposed to use the washroom. Any tips Ryan?!!," Tamminga tweeted. And Reynolds, did, indeed, give her a "tip," though it probably wasn't what she had in mind for her son.
"Everybody knows the Deadpool suit is also a toilet. Get it together," Reynolds tweeted. Yikes, that's probably not the best advice for a night of trick or treating.
Reynolds' witty answer isn't a surprise, and it's pretty funny. He's known for social media teasing — and not even his wife, Blake Lively, is off limits. Back in August, Reynolds posted a photo of the couple on Instagram, writing, "Happy Birthday to my amazing wife." But he cropped Lively almost entirely out of the photo.

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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Lively got back at her husband for the savage post, though. When Reynolds' own birthday rolled around this past month, she tweeted, "Happy birthday, baby," along with a photo of her husband and Ryan Gosling. The catch? She cropped Reynolds out of the photo, the same way he'd done in his original post.
Clearly, the next step here is to tweet a Serena van der Woodsen Halloween costume at Lively and see how she responds.

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