Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Nothing can take down Halloween this year — not even the fact that it falls on a Tuesday. First off, the sun and social Mercury are simmering in mystical Scorpio, lending a spooky-sexy vibe to the night. Secondly, the moon will be in Pisces, the sign of fantasy and illusion. It's never too late to watch a makeup tutorial or weave some next level creative touches, like lights and sound, into your costume. Or pull together one of these badass looks with a mere four products.
Keep your werewolf mask handy for the weekend, because there will be a full moon to howl at on Saturday. This one falls in earthy, grounded Taurus, bringing a huge reality check to the world. Just the facts, please! Yes, we know those seem increasingly difficult to verify. But these no-bullshit moonbeams could whip up a batch of Proof Pudding. And starting Sunday, there's no such thing as "too real" as mouthy Mercury embarks on an extended voyage through outspoken Sagittarius. Due to a signal-scrambling retrograde (consider yourself warned) from 3rd to 22nd December, the messenger planet hovers in Sag until 11th January. And no, this doesn't have to Scrooge your holiday season. But if there's an authentic conversation you need to have with a loved one, make time for a heart to heart — and the ensuing repair work — before 3rd December.

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