Jennifer Lawrence Apologised To Anna Faris For The Chris Pratt Cheating Rumours

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Anna Faris was well aware that Chris Pratt doing a film with Jennifer Lawrence was bound to start some rumours. Rewind to before their split, to before the movie Passengers hit cinemas, and her publicist was apparently warning her about what was ahead. But nobody could have predicted that Lawrence would receive so much of the blame following Faris and Pratt's decision to separate, and in Faris' new book Unqualified, the podcast host opens up about the mess.
"My publicist, out of the blue, pulled me aside and said, 'Anna, listen, there are going to be paparazzi all over them,'" she said of Pratt and Lawrence, according to BuzzFeed. "'There are going to be shots of them laughing together on their way to set. There are going to be stories circulating, and you have to brace yourself for this.'"
According to the memoir, Faris wasn't worried. Her husband had worked with many women before and it never caused tension, but something about this particular instance was different.
"I'd always taken pride in our relationship, and the coverage, even though it was just false rumours, was making me feel insecure," she reveals. However, there's no bad blood between the two women. In fact, when rumours started circulating, Lawrence reached out and apologised.
"Jennifer and I really are friendly, and she was apologetic even though she didn't need to be, because she hadn't done anything wrong," Faris continues. "She's awesome, but of course it's hurtful and also embarrassing when people are saying your husband is cheating on you, even if it's patently untrue. You still feel, and look, like a fool."
Of course, this was written before the separation, before there was another uproar directed at the Hunger Games actress as people searched for someone to blame for the disintegration of their favourite couple. But there's no need to be distraught. In an interview with People last week, Faris said "is still so much laughter" between them, and that they still "truly adore each other, and we love each other."
If you're looking for drama, you won't find it here. Unqualified is out now!
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