If We Don't Get To See Carrie & Big In A SATC Movie, At Least We Have This Sweet Convo

Will the world get a third Sex and the City film with Kim Cattrall? From the sound of things, probably not. But if the recent Carrie & co. backbiting has you bummed, rest easy knowing that Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth are still tight.
The former costars, better known as Carrie and Mr. Big (sorry, John James Preston), had a sweet bonding moment on social media yesterday. It was all prompted by Noth sharing a sexy throwback photo from his long-haired youth. (Take the hit, Team Aidan.)
Feast your eyes on this broody masterpiece, which, to quote one admirer, "looks like a cover of some The Smiths album." Hm, more like the cover of a Doors album but sure.
Via Instagram.
As noted by the 62-year-old actor's caption, the retro pic was posted in support of Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll's #PuberMe campaign. Celebrities have been sharing awkward childhood photos to raise money for Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico.
But unless having locks that put Charlotte York Goldenblatt's to shame counts as awkward, Noth's submission is obviously more hunky than humiliating — so hunky, in fact, that his SATC love interest couldn't resist leaving this appreciative comment.
"Beeeeeautiful!!!!! xx," Parker remarked on Instagram.
The former Law & Order and The Good Wife star responded with a kissing face emoji, and we clutched our hearts and resisted the urge to scream "Go and get our girl."
To recap: Chris Noth has always been a babe. Not all of the SATC crew is on the outs. And if a third film doesn't happen, we can always just make some microwave popcorn and scroll through Big and Carrie's Instagram comments for free.

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