The X-Files Season 11 Trailer Just Dropped & We Have Goosebumps

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During New York Comic-Con, the question on every X-Phile's mind was whether or not we'd be blessed with a sneak peek of The X-Files Season 11. And Chris Carter & Co. didn't disappoint: They debuted a two-minute trailer for the upcoming season and we have goosebumps just from watching. (This particular X-Phile may or may not have already watched the trailer approximately 10 times in a desperate attempt to analyse every clue.)
When the closing credits rolled on Season 10, things looked decidedly bleak for everyone's favourite believer. But (spoiler alert!) Mulder has once again evaded death and is back in action as he and Scully attempt to save humanity.
So what else can we expect from Season 11? The trailer shows Scully in a hospital bed, but Gillian Anderson assured the crowd that she'll be back to running through dark cemeteries in heels in no time "because that's what women do." (Preach.)
Entertainment Weekly reports that Mulder and Scully's son, William, will take centre stage in Season 11. He's referenced multiple times in the two-minute trailer as being "special" (presumably because of his alien DNA) and possibly very dangerous as well. Could William be the "he" who plans to obliterate the human race and "unleash hell on earth"? It seems like a definite possibility, and one that would make for a super awkward reunion with his parents.
Carter said the season will "explore that relationship: father, son, mother…You’ll see more of William than you’ve seen in a long time." Mitch Pileggi (aka Assistant Director Skinner) added that "I think [the William storyline] is…brilliant. I think it’s done really well, and you guys are going to be very, very happy with it."
And, of course, Carter couldn't help but tease the audience with the clue that Mulder and Scully "get kissin’ close" this season. "We do explore that relationship in interesting ways, so hang in there," he told the crowd. (If I don't get the kiss I was promised, Carter can expect to receive a strongly worded letter.)
Perhaps the best piece of news is that Darin Morgan, who's responsible for penning some of the series' best episodes, will return as well. "As you come to expect with a Darin Morgan episode, it’s original, idiosyncratic, very, very funny — it’s a thumb in the eye of the show itself," Carter said.
If anyone needs me, I'll be re-watching old episodes of The X-Files on Hulu as I impatiently await the Season 11 premiere.

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