The Best Boots For Trainer People

If it feels like all you've been hearing about over the past few weeks is boots, boots, and more boots, well, you're not wrong. But despite how synonymous they are with the season, not everyone is on-board with the silhouette. The only problem with that, of course, is that when temperatures really start to drop and there's snow on the ground, trainers and flats aren't always going to cut it. Instead, you need footwear that'll carry you through the end of the year, crazy weather and all.
That's where one of fashion's hybrid shoes come in: The trainerboot. And yes, it's exactly what you think: half-trainer, half-boot. "If you’re not a boot person, you’re a trainer person, Chelsea, block-heel, or slouchy boots just may not do it for you," Marissa Gibbons, Parcel's cofounder and CEO, tells Refinery29. "But have you noticed the recent abundance of in-between options?" Parcel users certainly have; turns out customers are saving trainerboots to their shopping carts more than ever.
"No, this isn’t some new ungodly shoe hybrid trend (think: the sneaker wedge of 2013, or the stiletto Timbs of the early-aughts)," she adds. "It's comfortable, sporty, easy, and a bit more 'together' than house slippers (or, in this case, Vans that’ve seen too many summer music festivals)." And we couldn't agree more. Now's the time to give those kicks a break and give one of fashion's cool, weird trends a try. Click on to meet the trainerboot, because life's all about compromise.
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