4 Overblown Myths About Libras

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Friday marked the end of Virgo's solar season and the start of Libra's. Paired with the autumn equinox, this should be a refreshing change of pace. Libra is the final air sign of the calendar year and its influence over all of us is, arguably, the gentlest. Where Aquarius imbues us with icy, other-worldly feelings and Gemini whips us up into an energetic frenzy, Libra season mellows us out and makes us ready to mingle.
Of course, that doesn't mean Libran people are totally spared from some pretty unpleasant stereotypes about their sign.
Much like Libra Kim Kardashian, this sign is often characterised as shallow, flirtatious, and not much else. Of course, if you've spent more than five minutes with a Libra (or, should we be so lucky, Kim K herself), you already know there's more to them than that.
Ahead, we've rounded up and refuted four of the worst assumptions people make about Libras.

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