Kim Kardashian Revealed Which SATC Character She's Most Like

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If you can't get enough of Ellen DeGeneres, you'll love this news. In addition to her daytime talk show, DeGeneres now has a YouTube series, Ellen's Show Me More Show — and it's just as entertaining.
For the show's first episode, DeGeneres welcomed Kim Kardashian as one of her first guests. The host put Kardashian in the "hot seat" to answer her "burning questions," and Kardashian's responses are hilarious.
When asked to name a secret she kept from her parents in high school, Kardashian revealed that she had a pretty sneaky way of cheating on tests. Apparently, she'd write answers on her legs underneath her skirt, figuring that a teacher couldn't ask to see her legs, because that would be "sexual harassment."
Kardashian also shared that if she had to listen to one Kanye song for the rest of her life, she'd choose "Amazing," because it's North West's favorite song. Plus, her first celebrity crush was Johnny Depp, and her top "style icon" is Cher.
"My dream of life would be to look in her closet one day and, just, I would die," Kardashian said. "I would die."
Kardashian's most surprising reveal, though, was that if she had to compare herself to a Sex And The City character, she'd be "such a Charlotte."
"She's like, kind of conservative and whatever, and I know you guys would never believe that, but I swear, in high school at least, I was," Kardashian said of Kristin Davis' character.
And if she had to choose anyone to play her in a movie, Kardashian said she'd choose her sister Kylie Jenner. She did a spot-on impression of her sister Kourtney, too.
Check out the first half of the Ellen's Show Me More Show's premiere below. For the next 14 weeks, the show will launch new episodes each Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube. So if you love celebrity interviews (and Ellen!), it's worth bookmarking the channel now.
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