Don't Shade Kaley Cuoco Because She Might Be Watching

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It's all fun and games to gossip about celebs...until you find out they're reading the gossip because this is the internet and everyone can read everything. The web series This Week Had Me Like, appearing on Super Deluxe and hosted by Caroline Goldfarb, discovered exactly that when they talked about Kaley Cuoco during their September 12 episode.
In the episode, they took a deep dive into the Big Bang Theory actress' recent partnership with Panera Bread, which included the promotion of a new "amazing cup" which shows the calorie count and nutritional makeup of the chain's drinks.
Goldfarb wondered aloud why one of the highest paid TV actresses was turning to Panera Bread sponcon, especially considering the fact that she was singing the praises of drinks that turn out to be pretty similar, in terms of sugar content, to the soda she was at the same time disparaging. This enraged both Goldfarb and her guest, Esther Povitsky (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), but they last thing they probably expected was that Cuoco herself would respond.
"Girls, this is some in depth, raw reporting and I applaud you," Cuoco commented on an Instagram post about the episode. "You're right about the drinks, but the point was to make people aware of how much shit are [sic] in what we drink. Anyways well done, I am crying laughing."
She also apologized for chewing gum during part of the video, saying it was just "too good to pass up."
Honestly, the show was thrilled to get this feedback.
"Do you listen to what celebrities tell you to do? Us too!" they captioned the screenshot of Cuoco's comment. " So now we're rolling in validation after Kaley Cuoco penned a rave review of our Kaley Cuoco segment on this week's episode..."
Luckily it seems like everyone knows this is all in good fun. Kaley, if you're reading this: hi!
Watch the full episode below:

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