Emma Stone Had The Best Response To A Major Email Mistake

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Anyone who's been on an email chain knows that there's nothing more annoying than receiving countless "reply all" responses because someone forgot to blind copy the recipients. When those recipients are some of the biggest names in Hollywood? Well, things can get dicey — unless you have someone like Emma Stone on the email chain, ready to save the day with a selfie.
The email chain in question was a VIP invite to the Battle of the Sexes premiere, which The Hollywood Reporter states included major industry folks like Ari Emanuel and J.J. Abrams. The La La Land star, who is playing tennis superstar Billie Jean King in the drama, probably didn't receive the invite herself (she is the film's star, after all), but she did see it on True Detective director Cary Fukunaga's phone, and took the time to send her very own reply.
What did she do? Well, in true millennial fashion, she took the time to take a selfie with Fukunaga.
"Hey, this is Emma, emailing from Cary's phone! Hope to see all of you accidentally publicly CC'D industry folk there," wrote the Oscar winner beneath the pic, which you can view over at The Hollywood Reporter.
This isn't the first Stone selfie to garner attention. This selfie that makeup artist Rachel Goodwin posted on Instagram also got a lot of love.
Of her upcoming role in Battle of the Sexes, Stone shadowed the real King and admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she may have been a little off-putting to the sports icon:
"I was a real creep," Stone told EW. "I still am with her a little bit. If we do an interview or we’re sitting and talking, I find myself just like staring at her and watching how she’s moving all the time — which I don’t need to do any more. But that’s how I relate to her. I’m like her creepy friend now."
Stone may have been a self-professed creep to King, but she certainly knows how to make an email chain feel a teensy bit more comfortable.

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