What Fans Did To Taylor Swift At Her BFF's Wedding Wasn't Okay

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Well, this isn't cool. As reported by TMZ, fans just booed Taylor Swift for refusing to say hi to them after her best friend Abigail Anderson's wedding, and it's just one more example of how celebrities don't actually owe every facet of their life to the people who buy their albums.
Swift may have just renewed her pop star card by releasing new music (as well as a much-buzzed-about new video), but over the weekend, the only thing on the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer's agenda was being her best friend's bridesmaid.
Abigail Anderson —who fans may know as the Abigail mentioned in Swift's track "Fifteen" — got married in Martha's Vineyard to photographer Matt Lucier. While Anderson is somewhat of a pseudo-celebrity to die-hard Swifties, plenty of fans showed up to the wedding site in order to catch a glimpse of the "Blank Space" songstress herself.
When the fans found the car tasked with whisking the bridesmaid away, they were disappointed to see that security made sure they couldn't get a glimpse of Swift. In fact, security went so far as to hold up big black sheets so that the fans' view of the singer was obstructed.
TMZ has video of the moment, in which you can hear some fans (and, presumably, some paparazzi as well) boo the Swift and question whether she loves her fans.
"Not cool!," one person in the crowd shouted at Swift as she walked to the car.
"Taylor, we thought you loved your fans!," yelled another.
Ultimately, though, it's the booing that is the loudest sound heard on the video — and it's pretty damn sad.
Call me a Swift apologist, but I can't even imagine how hard it would be for the singer to be a bridesmaid for her BFF, knowing full well that fans would swarm the site of her pal's wedding day and possibly cause a scene. Yes, Swift owes plenty to her strong fandom, but Anderson's wedding wasn't about Swift. Keeping a low profile was likely just as much a sign of respect to her friend as it was about Swift keeping her personal life separate from her professional one. For her fans to think that booing was the appropriate response is likely one more reason why Swift chose to take this approach in the first place.

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