If Bran Stark Is The Lord Of Light, Things Could Be Much Darker Than We Think In Westeros

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We already know he's the three-eyed raven, but could Bran also be the Lord of Light? This is one Game Of Thrones rumour that has been swirling around the internet but has gained more credence in the last couple of months. One Redditor may have cracked the case last year, writing that Bran is the Lord of Light and that he's living in an alternate timeline that is much darker one than we've even seen.
For those who are unfamiliar with the the Lord of Light, he is a god who has speaks to his followers through visions. As Forbes pointed out, in season 7, episode 5 "Beyond The Wall," it seemed that the Lord of Light specifically ordered The Hound, Beric, and Thoros to face the White Walkers, only for them to fail. Not to mention, Bran sends Jon Snow a raven telling him that the Night King was coming and sending him beyond the Wall. Perhaps Bran, a.k.a. the Lord of Light, saw that the Maesters would ignore his pleas for help and from his various timelines sent all the help he could.
In the process, the Lord of Light's commands resulted in the Night King gaining possession of Daenerys' dragon. Not a great move if the Lord of Light is an enemy to the Night King, as many believe — you know, the whole ice and fire thing. So, did the Lord of Light purposely give the Night King the dragon? It's possible.
Reddit user Thefinalnights explained that Bran is the Lord Of Light and is actually "living in an alternate future timeline where the Others/White Walkers have taken over the planet as predicted would happen in ancient prophecies.
"I suggest," the Redditor continued, "that there's an alternate timeline where these prophecies come true and that a version of Bran Stark is alive in that dark future. From that position in time, he is influencing events in the past to prevent that dark future from becoming a reality." A reality that the Lord Of Light might want, being that it's always been a malevolent god who uses fire to destroy things and may not feel so bad arming the Night King with a dragon.
This person theorises that Bran is the hero of the series, looking to stop the destruction he has already seen. After all, the three-eyed raven does send Benjen to save Jon Snow from the walkers. How did he see the destruction? Well, he's the one who caused it. According to Thefinalnights, in his attempt to save the Seven Kingdoms, Bran made the Mad King go mad. After all, Aegon Targaryen supposedly talked of hearing voices but didn't know where they were coming from. An alternative timeline, perhaps?
In this theory, it's believed that we're watching what happened after the Mad King went mad, but there's another timeline where he didn't, and the White Walkers took over.
"In that future, Westeros would've remained undisturbed, Daenerys would've just been a third born child and removed from the line of Ascension to the throne. She also certainly wouldn't have traveled to the east and become the mother of dragons," the theory states. "Without the dragons hatching under the red comet with a blood sacrifice by a Targaryen, it's likely there would be no dragons at all. Without dragons, the world would be helpless against the Others/White Walkers." Got all that?
This theory is posited on the idea that Bran is the Lord of Light, which has yet to be confirmed. In fact, some fans believe Bran is the Night King.
It is unlikely to be resolved in the season 7 finale, but we're betting it comes up again in season 8.
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