The Hunger Games & Twilight Are Getting The Theme Park Treatment

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Though it's safe to say that nobody really wants to go through the actual Hunger Games, fans of the YA books and Jennifer Lawrence-fronted franchise may have the chance to walk in Katniss Everdeen's footsteps outside of the arena.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate Films has licensed a slew of its films to developer Landing Jeju Development Co., which is set to translate the movies into a Universal Studios-style theme park on Jeju Island in South Korea.
Set to open in 2019, Lionsgate Movie World at Jeju Shinhwa will be divided into seven different areas, each with its own movie theme. In addition to The Hunger Games, which is rife with theme-park inspiration (think: battling alongside Everdeen in virtual reality or shopping in a gift shop inspired by Lenny Kravitz's Cinna or Elizabeth Banks' Effie Trinket), the park will also include areas recalling Twilight, Now You See Me, and a new Robin Hood series starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Dornan, and Jamie Foxx that hasn't even come out yet.
Deadline reports that The Hunger Games is a surprise addition to the mix. Though it was an undeniable success stateside, it wasn't a huge hit in Korea. However, both Now You See Me and Twilight were very successful and both offer up plenty of ideas for rides and strollable streets. We imagine it doesn't get much cooler than seeing the magic tricks from Now You See Me IRL, though Twihards will probably love just basking in a recreation of Forks, WA, or a Volturi stronghold.
Regardless of what movie it takes inspiration from, each area of Lionsgate Movie World will include on-theme restaurants, souvenir shops, and live entertainment. It's likely that nobody will ever have to volunteer as tribute at the parks, though it shouldn't be hard to recreate the sense of wonder and awe of District 1. Theme parks specialise in magic and transporting guests to far-off lands, after all.
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