Peter Kraus Says He's Willing To Consider Becoming The Next Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Now that Rachel Lindsay's turn as the Bachelorette is in the rear view mirror, Bachelor Nation is mulling over who should take the title of Bachelor for its upcoming season. Never mind the fact that producers have already said an announcement would come during the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. Never mind that Ben Higgins already took his name out of the hat (not that anyone asked). Peter Kraus, the man who basically gave Lindsay's heart a spin in the Vitamix by telling her to "Go find someone to have a mediocre life with" is thinking about taking on the role.
E! News reports that during his post-Bachelorette press obligations, Kraus told Michael Strahan on the Today show that he's not completely against the idea.
"I'd have to think a lot about it," Kraus said, which was met by roars from the crowd. (Admittedly, almost everything he said was met with cheers and applause.) It may be the least committed response possible (so, par for the course for Kraus), but it is giving Bachelor fanatics plenty to think about.
There's no official word from ABC about who the next Bachelor will be, but there is a precedent for producers to pull from past contestants for a new show. It's basically the series' M.O. at this point, though there have been a few variations on the theme. As for Higgins' comment, there's even been a two-time Bachelor: Brad Womack, who starred in seasons 11 and 15.
Even though viewers saw Kraus as too rational and realistic for the over-the-top, romanticised world of reality television — the Bachelor franchise especially — a slew of fans are voicing their approval of Kraus' possible candidacy.
The fact that most viewers expect a proposal at the end of The Bachelor and Bachelorette may keep Kraus from heading to top billing. But now that he's let fans know that he's ready for love and open to finding it through the trials and tribulations of TV dating, things may be lining up for him to have another go-round.

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