Justin Timberlake Plays Good Samaritan After Women Struck By Golf Ball

Celebrities aren't any better at being Good Samaritans than us regular folks; they just get more attention when they do it. Still, isn't it fun to imagine a scenario in which someone calls for help, and the crowd parts to let through a heroic Justin Timberlake declaring, "It's gonna be meeeee"?
People reports that the pop star had a chance to play hero when a bystander was struck by a golf ball during the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship on Wednesday. Footage from Ed Fletcher of The Sacramento Bee shows Timberlake, who played in the Nevada golf tournament alongside former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, rushing over to the injured woman.
He and other golfers, including the unidentified man responsible for the errant shot, spoke to the spectator, laughing and joking with her until she was able to get back on her feet. The "Can't Stop The Feeling!" singer offered her a high-five before returning to the green.
Romo explained the full story in a news conference covered by SportsDay.
"He ran over and sang her a song right away," the retired NFL star said. "She was crying because obviously she got hit in the stomach.
"And I told Justin, I said, 'You don't want to be the first one to get there because if you are she's going to think you hit her,'" Romo joked. "He didn't catch that part. And sure enough he showed right up and he was right there, right at the end she's like, "Can she talk to you afterward because you hit her.' He's like, 'I didn't hit her. Like I was coming to be nice, like help.' Then he turns and tells the crowd, 'I want everyone here to know I didn't hit her.'"
The poor woman may end up with a bruise, but she'll also have a good story. And maybe even a lawsuit!

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