The Cast Of Game Of Thrones Says Season 7 Is A Totally Different TV Show

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
While we're happy that this upcoming season of Game Of Thrones finally promises to bring our beloved characters together, it was a lot of work for the actors. Ahead of season 7's July 16 premiere, the actors opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the process of filming, and how this season is totally different from the ones they worked on before.
"It's incredibly fast," Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, said. "It's a different TV show, really. I read [the script] and couldn't really believe what I was reading, since we've set the bar for slow-paced TV over the years, with characters not meeting when you think they're going to meet. It was almost frustratingly slow. Now, everything's changed. Everything ramps up."
Because of this, it felt like every day on set was more important than the last.
"We shoot with two units in Belfast all of the time, and every other day, it felt like some massive sequence was going on," Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays Bran, explained. "Like, 'Oh my gosh, where are you going?' Then they'll recount to you the massive scene they were about to go off and shoot."
And even though there are fewer episodes this season, Hempstead-Wright says it took just as long to film as a normal season because they were packing so much in, and that's thanks to a pretty big shift in the plot. According to the actors, all the storylines we've been following are probably, maybe (read: definitely) going to intersect, which is something we've been waiting for since season 1.
"You can see all these characters joining together, characters who haven't crossed paths before now meeting up with each other," said Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy. "You can see the end game coming now."
And we can't wait.

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