The One Thing That Made Kit Harington "Upset & Angry" On The Game Of Thrones Set

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.
While many of us (including me) are hungrily anticipating the arrival Season 7 of Game of Thrones after waiting longer than usual for its premiere (and now there’s just FOUR DAYS LEFT!), your favorite brooding hero with the best hair on HBO, Kit Harington, took some time to chat with Entertainment Tonight — and he talked about how he’s really over the spoiler-thirsty paparazzi.
In fact, he said some paparazzi sent “drones flying around” over the set in hopes of capturing some spoilers of this season. This is also why he can’t talk about a ~particular photo~ of Jon and Daenerys on the beach.
“I think we all got very upset and angry that people would want to spoil a TV show,” he said, “so I know there’s photos out there, but I’m not even going to confirm [what happens].” After all, he said, “It could be a setup!” There’s some possible truth in that: Harington did tell Jimmy Kimmel that the cast set up some fake scenes when they knew the paparazzi was leering...
He conceded that the team did “everything [they] could,” to prevent these things from happening, but unfortunately, “there’s only so much you can do when you’re filming in these beautiful locations and you can’t shut places off…” He has a point: it’s not like they can shut the planet down for filming, after all. (I guess HBO’s budget isn’t that big...I mean, as far as I know…)
But — before you concern yourself with the fact that Harington might have a distaste for you if you like spoilers, know this: he likes it when there are “shocks for people.”
“It really infuriates me when I see someone ruining that,” he said. See? This is for you.
On a more human note, Harington admitted in the interview that if he could take one prop home with him, it would be Jon Snow’s sword, Longclaw. Only, there’s a bit of a catch.
“I think the first season, they [the people who work on Game of Thrones] went, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, of course,’ when we finish [the show] it’s pretty much yours. And as the seasons went on and the show became more and more popular, and that sword’s value went up and up, they became slowly quieter about it. And that’s why I’m hinting more and more. I’m like, ‘no, seriously, I want that sword.”
His solution? He’s going to “straight up steal,” he said. “I’m just gonna steal it.”
You can watch the whole interview here:

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