A New Photo May Have Just Revealed Who A.D. Is On Pretty Little Liars

Photo: Eric McCandless/Freeform.
If you're a Pretty Little Liars fan like us, you've probably been anxiously awaiting to unmask the identity of A.D./Uber A for years. There have been so many PLL theories, near-misses, and wrong guesses, it's starting to seem like we will never know the true answer.
At first we thought it was obviously Alison, until she showed up, very much alive, in Season 4. And while the Charlotte plot line was full of all the thrilling drama we love about this show, ultimately that was also a red herring. With just two episodes left to go in the long-running series, we're gonna need this mystery to be resolved with haste. And it looks like we may have gotten a major spoiler in press photos for the next episode.
First, we see the Liars circled around a darkened figure sitting on a couch. With some more light, we're able to make out dark hair and fresh braids — and it looks a lot like Mona. The clique does not look happy either, they appear to be questioning Mona very intently. Have they figured out the identity of their latest arch nemesis? Has Mona really been the puppet master for all these years, stepping her ruthless antics from being the original A?
We know that Mona can't resist any kind of intrigue, but Uber A is a pretty terrifying character, could it really be her? We'll just wait until the penultimate episode airs for answers since let's be honest this photo could really be anyone with dark hair.
Given the show's stellar track record of wrapping up villain storylines (read: not frustrating their fans for the rest of eternity), it's likely we'll have an answer before the finale. An answer that will hope will be as shocking as some of PLL's hookups.
Photo: Eric McCandless/Freeform.
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