Here's What Elisabeth Moss Wants In Season 2 Of The Handmaid's Tale

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Offred's story isn't over on The Handmaid's Tale — and Elisabeth Moss couldn't be more thrilled.
The actress, who stars as June/Offred, a woman forced to be a host for a high-ranking official's child in Hulu's dystopian drama, can't wait to start filming more of the series. The reason? It will be a continuation of the beloved book that left readers hanging.
The Handmaid's Tale is based on Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel of the same name, and while there are considerable differences between the two works (the Hulu series chillingly takes place today, for one) it's what the book left out that Moss can't wait to explore.
The end of the show's first season concludes in the same way as the novel. Offred is taken away in a van by people who could either be her allies or enemies — she has to take that chance in order to have any hope of survival. The novel features an epilogue that states that women did regain their full rights after the end of what is known as "The Gilead Period," however, the whereabouts of Offred are unknown.
Moss, however, wants more information on her character — and she'll get it now that the series has been renewed for a season 2, which will stream on Hulu in 2018. As the former Mad Men star told Entertainment Weekly:
"For fans of the book, when that book ends, it’s so frustrating because you’re like 'Wait, what the fuck happens to her?!' You don’t know anything! So for me, as the biggest fan of the book, I’m just excited to see what happens too, I want to know!" she revealed to EW.
She added:
"As a fan of a book, to then get to continue the story? Come on — it doesn’t happen, it’s so cool."
Back in April, Moss told Refinery29 that while she read Atwood's novel as a teenager, it speaks to her in a different way in 2017:
"I read it for the first time as a teenager, but it almost feels like I didn't because my relationship with it is so much deeper and more personal now," the actress said of the inspiration for the show. "It's almost like a different book to me, because now I know it inside and out...and yet I feel like I could read it again and discover new things about it. In fact that will happen to me now, I'll come across a new passage in the book, and be like 'Oh, right!'"
Whether you read the novel or not, fans of the TV series can agree that we need more Handmaid's Tale ASAP.

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