Bet You Forgot These Stars Were In Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies

As with romance novels and Fast and the Furious films, you knew how the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies would play out before they began. Step one: Plop the twins in some exotic locale, like Paris (Passport to Paris) or Australia (Our Lips Are Sealed). Step two: Grant them with a preternatural sense of independence and maturity. And most importantly, add not one, but two teen heartthrobs to the mix.
Between the years 1992 and 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in 14 original films made with their own production company, Dualstar. By then, American audiences had already known the twins since they were 9 months old, when they began their stint as Michelle Tanner on Full House. The twins were 18 when they starred in their last movie, New York Minute, and officially reached adulthood in front of the camera.
The Olsen twins generously extended a portion of their spotlight to include budding actors who didn't happen to reach fame in infancy. You might be surprised by some of the stars who appeared in the Olsens’ original films.
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