IKEA's New Range Is Next Level & You Need It In Your Life

For the most part, Ikea is regarded as a reliable source for everyday home supplies, like plain bedsheets and basic dinnerware sets. The Swedish superstore's vast, no-frills inventory makes it the ultimate destination to shop for affordable apartment basics. But, if Ikea's June 2017 catalog is any indication, your next visit to the retailer is going to get much more colourful and interesting.
The brand has introduced Stunsig, a limited-edition line of tableware, cushions, and bedding in a variety of striking patterns. The edgy designs are created in collaboration with six artists and design teams with serious fashion credentials, giving rise to a daring collection (for Ikea at least) with lots of personality to spare. Think edgy hand drawings, cartoons and photography that scream "I picked this up at a cool indie boutique." Click through to take a peek at the eclectic new collection, now available in stores only.

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