Who Got Kicked Off The Bachelorette Last Night?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
In essence, The Bachelorette is all about success in true love. But in practice, the show features a lot more love losses than love wins. Every season has one proposal and, if we're lucky, one happy ending. Every season also has up to 30 heartbreaks of varying degrees. Rachel Lindsay has to pick her favorite suitor out of 31 men from all across the country. This means that 30 men will be pulverized by the pitfalls of true love. Cue the sappy violin music.
So, if you're one to enjoy heartbreak — and who isn't? Schadenfreude is real! — The Bachelorette is the best purveyor in town. Every episode features epic melodrama in the form of a rose ceremony. Who stays doesn't really matter, not until the final episodes. What matters is who goes. What cocksure man in too-tight pants will be stunned that he doesn't receive a rose? Farewell, dear fellow, Rachel Lindsey is done with you!
For every episode of the show, we'll update this list of who didn't receive a rose and/or took their leave of the show that night. That means the surprise dismissals in the middle of episodes, the "I'm done with this" towel-throwers, and the guys who simply don't receive a rose. Miss an episode of the best reality show on television? We've got you covered. Come hither, and find out who got eliminated this week.
Alert: Ahead be spoilers for Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette. You've been warned.

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