Of Course Lucas The "Whaboom" Was On A Spanish-Language Dating Show

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC.
Lest you thought he was actually on the show to woo Rachel Lindsay in earnest, allow me to blow your mind: The Bachelorette's Lucas Yancey has a history of being kooky on reality television shows. Yancey has an IMDb profile, as Perez Hilton pointed out, and the page indicates he was on a Spanish-language series called 12 Corazones Especial de Circo Entretenimiento in 2012, as well as another dating show called Ex Isle in 2016.
Even better: We have proof of this history.
Yancey, who is incredibly active on social media, likes to document his shenanigans. Don't we all? His most recent posts are all about the "whaboom" brand — it's his thing. He shakes his head and shouts his catchphrase as a sort of verbal climax, as demonstrated on the first episode of The Bachelorette. He likes his brand. He's selling T-shirts with his catch phrase emblazoned across the chest. He has a crocheted Earth Day hat that also says "whaboom." This man lives whaboom like he's a catchphrase comic from the late '90s.
But if you scroll all the way back on his very prolific Instagram feed, you can find evidence of his Spanish-language stint.
"My first appearance on a #Telemundo TV show," Yancey writes in the caption of the 2013 post. "The video footage will be out soon! Como estas tu hamburgesa?"

My first appearance on a #Telemundo TV show. The video footage will be out soon! Como estas tu hamburgesa?

A post shared by Lucas Yancey (Mr. WhaBoom) (@lucas.yancey) on

The show, whose title translates to "12 Hearts Special Circus," was cancelled in 2017 after 12 years on air. Based on what I can surmise from various clips, it separated contestants based on horoscope — you can see above that Yancey landed in the "gemini" category. (A fun fact about Geminis: They are often regarded to be "too much," i.e. obnoxious.)
As for that other show, Ex Isle, there are a few clips online featuring our Whaboom, like this one of him getting snuggly in a pool with a gal named Brittney.
Or this one, where he "keeps things going" with a lady dubbed "Dublin Girl."
The point is, Lucas Yancey is not here for Rachel Lindsay, in case you thought his interest was genuine. Nah, this guy is pure entertainment, so let's treat him as such. He will keep us laughing with the other guys, like Will or Peter, actually pursue love with the Bachelorette.

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