The 13 Reasons Why Cast Has 13 Reasons Why Their Fans Are Awesome

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The cast of 13 Reasons Why has a message for its fans. Actually, it has 13 messages.
The Netflix series, which dropped on March 31, has already amassed a major following, which in turn has sparked plenty of conversations about the show's challenging material, which includes sexual assault, bullying, and suicide.
For the few who have yet to watch the series, the new show is based on Jay Asher's 2007 novel of the same name and focuses on the aftermath of high school junior Hannah Baker's (Katherine Langford) death by suicide. Prior to her death, Hannah left 13 tapes, each revealing a "reason why" she chose to end her life.
While the show has come under fire for its controversial nature — some have accused it of glorifying suicide, while others are concerned about the lack of mental health messaging — it has also inspired many fans to reach out to connect with their friends who are struggling. Now, the cast of 13 Reasons Why wants to thank their loyal viewers for both supporting the show and passing along the ultimate message of the series: that we must treat one another well.
Star Dylan Minnette, who portrays Clay, opens the video, telling fans that while the cast can't thank their fans enough for the support, they're going to try. From there, the rest of the cast — including Alisha Boe, Devin Druid, and Katherine Langford — share their own "reasons" for adoring their fans.
"Because you're talking openly about the important things depicted in the show," says Boe, who plays Jessica, a rape survivor, in the Netflix series. "You're talking to your parents, your friends, your teachers, and that's really important."
However, not every part of the video has to do with the show's often-heavy messaging. Druid, who plays Tyler, jokes that he's thankful for fans because of their "hilarious fan theories." (Thanks, 13 Reasons Why, for giving Refinery29's article about Tony totally being an angel some love!)
With season 2 of 13 Reasons Why heading our way, the cast will certainly acquire more fans to thank.

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