Watch Harry Styles Squirm Over A Kendall Jenner Joke

We really, really hope Kendall Jenner wasn't tuning into The Late Late Show last night.
Jenner's former fling Harry Styles kicked off his week-long residency on James Corden's talk show last night, and things got a little uncomfortable.
Corden's other guest was actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who, as it turns out, is in possession of a chicken coop. The chickens are all named after Kardashian family members, which is cute — unless you happen to be the guy sitting next to him during this conversation, and you also happen to intimately know one of the afore-mentioned family members.
"They're all named after the Kardashians as well, which was the sad thing because I think the first two to [die] were Kim and Khloé," Taylor-Johnson told Corden and Styles of his "Kardashickens."
Corden decided to stir the pot by hitting Taylor-Johnson with pointed follow-up questions.
"So, they're all named after all manner of Kardashians?" the host asked, prompting the Nocturnal Animals star to name every single family member/chicken.
Unfortunately for Styles, who famously went yachting with Jenner for New Year's 2016, Taylor-Johnson (purposely?) gave a big dramatic pause after saying "Kendall," garnering laughs from the audience. The British pop star reacted by keeping his head down and focusing intently on whatever beverage was lurking in his coffee mug (Pepsi?).
But then came this factoid: "They lay every day!"
Styles shook his head and sputtered, then reached again for his mug.
"Do they lay every day, Harry?" Corden quipped as his friend avoided any and all eye contact.
So, yeah, that was awkward. But if you think Styles, who will be starring in his own Carpool Karaoke this week, had it bad, spare a thought for Jenner. Nobody wants to see their ex on TV while tasteless jokes about your sex life are flying. It's going to be a loooong week.

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