Films About Geniuses That'll Make You Feel Like A Normal

Film heroes are stamped from a few different moulds. There’s the brawny action figure whose muscles protect their vulnerable heart. Or the teenager whose journey towards self-exploration begins the moment she steps outside the house. Or the average joe whose plain exterior hides his inner darkness.
But my favourite film hero? The genius, whose brilliance manifests in flying chalk, focused expressions, and complicated personality traits. The movie genius comes in all forms. There are little girls who can move things with their minds, or janitors who do mental math after work. Artistic geniuses. Difficult geniuses. Child geniuses. Evil geniuses. Each varied in circumstance and realism, but all exhilarating.
So, here’s to our favourite film trope, the one that reminds us of our pea-sized normal brains. These are some damn beautiful minds.

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