There Could Be A Girls Spin-Off

Girls, in an age of reboots and rebrands, has always seemed ripe for the possibility of a spinoff. The characters are some of the most fully-formed, real people on television. The series finale was typically excellent. Hannah formed an actual bond with her baby, had an actual realisation while screaming at a teen, and had actually the funniest conversation in television history when she was yelling at Marnie while wearing a breast pump vest.
Side note: Amazing that "I'm becoming my mother" was a positive plot point in the finale of a sitcom. It totally worked.
The finale was confusing to some, but made perfect sense to us. The show ended when Hannah stopped worrying about hanging out with girls and became an adult person. Still, we have questions.
Which is why we're excited that a Girls spin-off could be happening, if showrunner Jenni Konner has anything to say about it.
"I would do any [idea, like a spin-off or a movie,]" Konner told Business Insider. "The thing is I don’t think spin-offs are in HBO’s DNA, really. I mean they haven’t really done it before. I’m down for it. I’m into a movie, too, but no one’s asked. We’re down for it all."
Our initial reaction is, "That's perfect." But we start to think about what that might entail and the picture becomes less clear. A movie would probably focus around some contrivance like a wedding or a funeral, so the band could get back together. But Girls was often at its best when the band were all off playing solos, especially when Hannah that was isolated from the rest of the pack.
Likewise, it's hard to see where the show could find a spin-off without sacrificing a lot in terms of tone. Allison Williams is too famous, Lena Dunham is clearly done with the show, and Jemima Kirke never wanted to act in the first place. That leaves Zosia Mamet, who's on a path more reminiscent of Sex & the City. Actually, that show wouldn't be terrible. We'd be chronicling her rise through the ranks of New York media, with her new hubby at her side. Her journey might even take her to our doorstep. Who knows! We're up for it.

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