Bryce From 13 Reasons Why Reveals Things We Wouldn't Have Guessed About Him

Photo: Beth Dubber/Netflix.
Beware: possible light spoilers ahead!
If you made it through the entire first season of 13 Reasons Why, then by now, you know: Bryce Walker is a name that will forever go down in Netflix-binging infamy. His vile character is every bit the petulant rich kid bully cliché we’ve come to loathe. However, actor Justin Prentice revived the character type for the modern age, with a chilling effect.
According to the actor, it was all for a good reason.
“We hope that [viewers] have a better understanding for the darker issues, whether they're going through them themselves, or we also hope that it's easier to have conversations amongst your friends, and from parents to their kids about these dark issues," the actor said to E! News recently. "I mean, they're difficult things to talk about so we hope this makes it a little easier and it's kind of a conversation starter for what someone's going through."
Serious subject matter aside, the 23-year old got candid with E! News in their “13 Things You Didn’t Know About the Actor” quiz and thankfully the very real Prentice and fictitious Bryce couldn’t be more different.
We learned a few surprising "things" about Prentice from the interview. For starters, the Malibu County star isn’t so great at making sound choices in interior design. When asked about the size of the bed he sleeps in he said, “California King. It was a poor interior design decision because it takes up the whole room, but hey, bedrooms are for beds.” Been there.
Considering the fact that Prentice didn’t correct the measurement mishap, one might surmise he hates making returns?
In addition to gloating over his girlfriend, German-born actress Annika Pampel, he also divulged that he has a celebrity crush on co-star Dylan Minnette (who plays Clay on 13RW) and binged on another popular Netflix franchise, The Crown. Way to keep it in the family, Justin.
Though when asked about his favourite way to “work up a sweat” things heated up.
“What's the demographic here? How honest can I be? Kidding (kind of). Pretty much any sport,” he said. Which in his defence, how can you not venture into R-rated demo territory.
Check out the rest of the reveals over on E!
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