How To DIY A Terrarium That Even You Can't Kill

As the greenery trend rumbles on, chances are you haven't got any better at keeping your house plants alive.
This means that rather than your house looking like this... it probably looks a little bit more like this.
By and large, the big winner of the greenery trend (alongside the palm, which has dominated the house plant market over the past few years) has been the terrarium. This mini glass house, with its own ecosystem, has become one of the most favoured ways for urban gardeners to display their green-fingeredness.
That is, if they've got any green-fingeredness. Otherwise, their terrariums become miniature glass coffins for their once-thriving succulents.
So, how to rectify?
Well, the faux-plant market has really kicked things up a notch in recent times. Inspired by people like you and me who, despite our best efforts, just can't keep a plant alive, faux greenery is now so good that in some cases, you'll struggle to tell it apart from the real thing.
So why not use it in a terrarium?
We spoke to Anna Robinson, the fake flower florist behind Friend of Faux to get her tips on how to go about building a faux terrarium.

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