This Amazon Tweet Is Not About Condoms — Or Anything Else The Internet Guessed

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
On Saturday, Amazon sent out a tweet advertising deals on the site that accidentally turned into a Rorschach test. Accompanying the tweet was an image of an ironing board cover — one of the many items available for sale on the online shopping platform — that was misinterpreted by the internet to be an array of different items.
To be fair, the picture is of a relatively abstract blue shape with no contextual clues or words to help viewers understand what it is. Yes, it looks like an ironing board from an aerial view. But Twitter users saw anything but ironing board covers leading one to question if Amazon needs to improve its selection of photographs or if Twitter users have a skewed perception of certain shapes.
If users had clicked the link in the tweet, they’d realise what the image was actually representing: Premium Scorch Resistant Ironing Board Cover. Even though Amazon swiftly provided clarification to confused users on the microblogging platform, that didn’t stop the internet from speculating on what Amazon was trying to sell them.
Majority debated (in good fun) whether the image was a vibrator or a condom, though others threw in more rated-G items into the mix like a blue crayon and beauty sponges.
At the end of the day, Amazon got the folks on Twitter talking about its sale. Albeit, not the way they were likely hoping.

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